(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
8:15pm Thursday

L U C A is a 27 year-old songwriter from South East London. Wales is the first track from his debut album. Born somewhere in the grey-sprawl of suburban London, he spent his childhood studying poetry and literature; devouring the words of Thomas, Larkin and Yeats and living vicariously through the mad dreams of the book-characters he loved.

Teaching himself to play guitar after hearing Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne, he began writing songs in his late teens, but found their simplicity empty, thinking that they asked no great questions of the world. Whilst living in a cellar in an indistinct seaside town he found his voice; the wailful choral outpouring which has come to be his blazon, and with it, also, the beginnings of the words which have come to be his songs.

His voice, which has been likened to Anohni, Benjamin Clementine and Patrick Watson is a rare mix of the soulful and the operatic. His metier; ethereal dream-folk melodies which tell simple stories, rising to soaring choruses. His lyrics pose honest questions, demanding the listener address the unmentioned troubles that lie just at the edge of everything we know.

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