Lilly Ahlberg



Date / Time
7:45pm Thursday

Introducing 21-year-old Lilly Ahlberg, who announces her debut single “Bad Boys”, released on January 5th, via HOT HOT RECORDS / Polydor.

Lilly already boasts an impressive following on YouTube, with over 120,000 subscribers and videos that regularly top a quarter of a million views, but the next chapter of her story will see her spread her wings as a songwriter and vocalist  and Lillys journey to the precipice of stardom has by no means come overnight. Shes been performing since she picked up her first guitar at the age of 14, despite initial scepticism. I used to think being a singer was lame, she laughs. At school when friends said they were going to be a popstar I used to be like: Nobody from here is ever going to be a popstar.

“I always liked singing as a kid,” Lilly recalls. “My mum tells me stories all the time about how she used to find me standing up in my cot singing to myself waiting for her to come get me. I never saw it as a career or anything like that until I started playing guitar though; that’s when it all clicked.”

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