Lazy Day

(United Kingdom)

If asked, Tilly Scantlebury will describe her younger self as “pretty fearless.” The Lazy Day singer remembers ripping off her armbands at the swimming pool before jumping in, or sharing the seat of her dad’s bicycle, pleading with her father to cycle faster down a hill to her school close to her north London home. Those of you lucky enough to have grabbed a copy of Lazy Day’s 2017 single With My Mind will have seen the proof of this. Tilly standing by the side of the pool, lost inside her big brother’s oversized trunks, armbands discarded, poised to jump in. Tilly has spent most of her life since taking risks, doing the opposite of what’s expected. A life lived fearless, just jumping in.
Lazy Day’s new E.P, Letters, due March 22nd on the band’s own label, Weird Cool Records (via Republic Of Music) is ample evidence of this. These are songs constructed from the debris of life. Big feelings. Big consequences.

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