Krush Puppies

(United Kingdom)

Slinking through South London’s lo-fi sanctities, today Krush Puppies release slacker serenade ‘PetalHead’. Their debut release, ‘PetalHead’ is 90s-tinged in its delivery and explosive in its dirty, grunge-ritten buildup.

Meeting in South London, Jenny (lead vocals/guitar), Alexa (bass) and Jess (guitar) started the band on a fuck-it whim. Shortly after, Rebecca was recruited to provide righteous harmonies whilst Sam took his place on the drum kit. Practising in the studio Mellah built in Peckham and sharing a space with Alaskalaska, the band are already gaining a live reputation supporting the likes of Snail Mail.

In addition to this, Krush Puppies are releasing a 7” vinyl later this month with ‘PetalHead’ and b-side ‘Passata’.

Full Line-Up