(United States)

DIY singer-songwriter KennyHoopla took his wavy genre-agnostic indie sound from motel room recordings to packed out shows in 2019 with breakout single “Lost Cause//“ and go for it all-or-nothing mentality. The Cleveland-born, Wisconsin-based performer, Kenneth La’ron aka KennyHoopla (inspired by a scene in Spongebob no less), started making music just three years ago in a rare collision of artistic synergy. “I used to breakdance, I used to paint, I used to do photography. I thought if I could conquer every art medium, I’d get closer to it,” says Kenny. “Something in me kept telling me it was time to make music.” Moving forward – Kenny’s modem operandi. His manifestation. Three years ago, Kenny had never recorded a song. He’s now wowing crowds with contagious, lay-it-all-on-the-stage energy. He’s now finishing his debut EP and setting his sights higher with every step.

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