Kai Whiston

(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
11:15pm Thursday

At just 18 years old the Dorset based Kai first got into production at the age of 12, teaching himself how to use digital production tools “with Google Chrome and 50 tabs open”, he started experimenting with remixing computer game soundtracks that he and his friends were playing at the time.

On his new material, Kai explains “This is an unveiling of some of the grim and humorous sounds I’ve been up to. More than anything, I wanted to portray a playful and juvenile sense of humour that I felt was missing in the music I was making and hearing, which ended up being a total blast to make. I was thoroughly intrigued in using aggressive sound as a mark-making tool and explore the malleability of sonics in a painterly & silly way. Actively running away from my direct influences & creating a universe around this sound was a really great process that had me laughing the whole time.”

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