(United Kingdom)

Joseph Lawrence & The Garden come together to create music greater than the sum of their parts. The London-based collective – comprised of vocalist Joseph Lawrence and instrumentalist Gibbi – combine the free-jazz ambition of Kendrick Lamar with the soul-inflected ambience of James Blake for a sound that’s both musically complex and bursting with soul. The duo are proud to have put on their own shows (“Even if it’s a slightly longer route, it means we do things how we want to do them,” as Gibbi puts it). They’re proud of the reaction from the crowds, and they’re proud that people have dug the uncompromising nature of their sound – a push towards doing something real and soulful, at a time when others have gone down a more pop-oriented sound.

“I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without Gibbi,” Joseph says. “His influence music wise, pushing me to do better. When we met, I knew we were onto something special. I just thought, let’s take this all the way.”

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