Date / Time
6:30pm Thursday

Janice debut album “Fallin’ Up” has been labelled by Swedish press as a future classic, its songs of dark hopefulness dealing with feelings both personal and universal. It’s intimate yet immense, the deep bass and heavy beats providing the perfect ballast to bolster Janice’s powerful voice and searingly honest song-cum-diary entries and she was nominated to a Swedish Grammy earlier this year as “Best Newcomer”.

With a background in Tensta Gospel Choir (Mapei, Lykke Li, Elias etc) Janice released her first single in 2016, a melancholy burst of quiet storm computer soul called “Don’t Need To”. After that, things started happening fast. The single, a sort of latter-day “Unfinished Sympathy” by Massive Attack, became one of the most played songs on Swedish radio.

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