James Smith

(United Kingdom)

Born and raised in London to a market trader father and a taxi driver mother, musician James Smith is your typical East End lad. Throughout his school years he always had an infatuation with older music, citing legends like Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan as major influences but it actually was Elvis who he says he was obsessed with (he even had a copy of his birth certificate). It was his dedication to the The King that led him to learn guitar at the age of 10. Once he’d reached his teens years his infatuation with Elvis had simmered and he turned his attentions to the likes of Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney, where he fell in love with the art of songwriting.

7 days a week James works on his own material, producing for his musical contemporaries and engineering sessions on the weekend. His next project will be a full-length album which is he hoping will be released next year.

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