Jack River



Date / Time
1:30pm Thursday
11:30pm Thursday
5:30pm Saturday

It’s the constant beat that first pulls you in to ‘Ballroom’, the latest single from Jack River. An electric sense of steadfast determination exists within this track and indeed her world, carrying on that raw beauty that serves as a reminder that Jack River is a musical force to be reckoned with in the alt-pop landscape. In the midst of its gritty pop height, ‘Ballroom’ is a love song, but not just in the traditional romantic sense; listen a little deeper, there is a depth propelling the dream. It’s a last chance, now or never kind of track, to all the doubters and people in the way who want to see you falter. The driving drums beat constantly through the sweeping production, creating a sonic journey of pure alt-pop bliss, swirling the listener through the alternate reality Jack River helped create.

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