Hangman’s Chair



Date / Time
7:30pm Thursday

Hangman’s chair is living a new life cut up in 3 distinct arcs.
2009, Leaving Paris inks the rebirth of a band, of a group of friends musically in sync. 2012, Hope//Dope//Rope is a con rmation of spirit.

Hangman’s chair keeps maturing, forever drowned with Paris’ moods. Despair, solitude and violence share the stage with beauty, symbiotic loves and the other violence.

End of 2015, This is not supposed to be positive is released through Musicfearsatan. 2016, Hangman’s chair occupies the pages of magazines and webzines (New noise, Noi- sey, …), and seals the deal with around 40 shows, imposing their style onto the Roadburn’s and Hellfest’s stage.

Alone in their world, alone in Paris and Paris unique in itself: Hangman’s chair now has no counterpart. Acid bath, Crowbar or Alice In Chains now are references put to rest.

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