Gus Englehorn



Date / Time
1:30pm Thursday
8:15pm Saturday

Before Montreal singer-songwriter Gus Englehorn was signed to Secret City Records he lived in a cabin in the woods and wrote Dungeon Master, the cutest, heaviest, strangest rock’n’roll record you will hear this year.
Prior to that, Gus was a snowboarder—crisscrossing the world as a weird and world-class talent, kick-flipping through videos, shredding the gnar, posing in corporate-sponsored sunglasses.
Dungeon Master, Englehorn’s label debut (04.29), is an outsider opus that sparkles with Dada spirit—a playful juxtaposition of isolation, alienation and mildish OCD. Surprising, paranoid, studded with synths and strings. A shivering introduction to an artist who’s finally arrived.

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