Date / Time
2:30pm Thursday

Ghouljaboy is Jordi Arroyo’s personal project. In 2019 he released his first mixtape via La Vendicion, the most influential label collective in urban/trap music in Spain. In 2020, a dead year for most of the music industry, he
showed a frantic activity – he couldn’t play live but he did record and evolve as an artist at tremendous speed. Using his background in post punk and indie pop and keeping in touch with the urban music scene he released (again on la Vendicion), his first solid project, “El Rascal”, featuring 18 tracks and collaborations with names such as Antifan, Yung Beef or Pedro Ladroga. Almost immediately he released the next step in his career’s evolution with the self-released “Ciudad Portuaria”, a double EP where he rescued his old bandmates for the live shows and creative ideas and showed the artistic path he’s aiming for: a confluence of indie rock, synth pop, dreamcore and fresh sounds that remembers the classics and remodels them for the future.

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