(United States)

Geese is a band from Brooklyn, New York consisting of 18 year olds Cameron Winter (vocals), Gus Green (guitar), Foster Hudson (guitar), Max Bassin (drums), and Dom DiGesu (bass). While mostly sticking to various shades of rock music and psychedelia, Geese also experiments extensively with electronics and sample-based music. After building a recording studio in Max’s basement and spending four months writing, recording, mixing and mastering, the band emerged with their debut LP, Projector.

Over the album’s 9 tracks, the band uses walls of sound, glistening synthesizers & strings, and emotive vocals to create lush, accessible rock arrangements. The lead single, “Low Era”, touches on themes of anxiety and self-pity, in a facetious, falsetto croon. The math-rock inspired track “Exploding House” vents the fears of adulthood and builds on the eruptive opener “Rain Dance” which considers death and old age.

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