Date / Time
2:15pm Thursday
7:30pm Friday

The rising singer-songwriter’s disarming humour and honesty go hand in hand with her bittersweet take on pop: deep, literate, real, playful, devastating and affirming all at once – inspired by dark times, but bringing a little bit of light. Her songs have a knack of cutting straight to the core of the coming of age experience of love, rejection, identity, confusion and all the rest. Plus, you relate because their solid-gold tunes are written with pure musicality and respect for thoroughbred song craftsmanship.
Her path was inevitable really. Born into a family where both parents and all of her grandparents were musicians, their rule was that if you were old enough to hold a crayon then you were old enough to learn your first instrument. She was playing violin at age four. Of her 63 cousins, most of them are in music. One of her brothers is a jazz guitarist with “the fastest fingers in Europe” and the other is a songwriter and “the best producer in the world”. Music’s in her DNA.

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