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9:15pm Thursday

Finn Askew proves that you don’t need to be from London to blow up these days. The 20-year-old singer-songwriter who hails from Wellington, a sleepy market town in Somerset, shot to global stardom after Taeyong from K‑Pop group CRAVITY shared his debut single, Roses, back in January. It gained Askew a cult following in Korea, sending him up several of the country’s digital music charts. At the time of writing, Roses has racked up over 15 million Spotify streams.

Growing tired of his structured guitar lessons, Askew found his sound after exploring everything from emo rock to downtempo R&B. His songs such as Same Old Love, Peach and Cherry Bomb typically discuss youth and falling in love, although Askew himself admits he has other things on his mind than the latter: ​“It’s hot boy summer. I’m too busy to fall in love.”

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