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Date / Time
11:30pm Friday

Dora Jar is an artist who refuses to be defined. Despite having only shared a handful of songs, each track the 24 year old has released has been distinctive, endlessly fascinating and, quite frankly, brilliant. From the hammering guitars on “Multiply” to the ominous “Did I Get It Wrong”, they exemplify an artist with a clear artistic vision: to be as expansive, honest and unequivocally herself as is humanly possible.
Born in New York and raised in California, Dora’s life has always been linked intrinsically with music. Some of her earliest memories are being with her mother, who is an actress, while she worked. “She was in the Titanic show on Broadway,” the singer recalls, “and I can remember the very high ceilings backstage.” Likewise, Dora remembers singing along to Stephen Sondheim musicals. “There are a lot of thunderstorms in New York, and I can remember playing the Original Broadway recording of Into the Woods as lightning was outlining the buildings.

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