DJ Raff



Date / Time
2:00pm Thursday

Now based in London but hailing from the far reaches of South America, Chile’s DJ Raff has come a long way since his early excursions in Hip Hop and B-boy culture. At home he experimented with a double tape deck and an old turntable, making loops and beats. After years of meeting and working with like minded musicians from around Santiago, DJ Raff helped to sow the seeds of what is now considered one of the most important Hip Hop scenes of Latin America. Raff’s production skills have made him a sought after producer. His blend of creative sampling, phat beats, keyboard arrangements and scratching have already earned him a place amongst Latin America’s most highly regarded DJs and music producers. DJ Raff’s music has been featured in films, TV and video games, including “Latino & Proud” – which is the theme song for Comedy Central’s “Broad City”. More recently, Raff created his own label for electronic artists called Pirotecnia, releasing two compilations so far on Nacional Records. He has also collaborated with fellow Nacional Records labelmate DJ Bitman for two RVSB (Raff vs Bitman) albums. His latest album, “Movimiento” delves further into electronic music and comes out on October 20th.

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