DJ Nevahdie, Slimka and DeWolph



Date / Time
1:15am Thursday
3:30pm Friday

Slimka : Rap has no taboo, neither does Slimka. No Bad Vol.2, states the following message loud and clear “No time to complain or regret, I’m moving forward with Superwak tattooed on my chest. You just have to follow the lead.

DeWolph : Dewolph is a British rapper originally from Bradford (West Yorkshire) and member of geneva’s Superwak Clique is latest projet is an EP named “Hours”

Dj Nevahdie is the founder of the Geneva based music label called Colors Records, home of Makala, Slimka, Di-Meh, Pink Flamingo and DeWolph. He is the originator of the Swiss rap movement taking over the world.

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