(Ireland {Republic})

America’s NPR described her as a limber lyricist; ​The Irish Times credited her with contextualising Irish hip hop; ​and RTÉ said that her music marries art with a passion for justice and social change.

In her breakthrough track Copper Bullet, Denise Chaila succinctly described the thriving hip-hop scene in Ireland. The fact that Chaila was able to convey the sentiment of a nation in one perfect line displays both the depth and skill of the Irish rapper and MC.
It perhaps partially explains why, following the release of her debut EP ​Dual Citizenship in February 2019, Denise has become one of ​the most in-demand MCs in Ireland and beyond. She spent the next year writing, performing and making music with some of her closest friends from collectives like Sim Simma Soundsystem (Dublin), PX Music (Limerick) and the two people who have been with her since day one: God Knows and MuRli Bo.

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