Declan J Donovan

(United Kingdom)

A musician and songwriter with musical antennae that are well-attuned, 21-year-old Declan J Donovan has a keen ear for a melody. The young singer-songwriter from Harlow has quickly carved out an audience for his direct approach: straight-to-the-point pop songs built out of simple ideas. His music paints time-worn experiences with broad brushstrokes, reflecting a musical vision that’s easy to relate to. Still early into his career, he’s enjoyed a rapid ascent to recognition, aided by a sharp instinct for a softly-sung hit.

Focusing on writing music has sharpened his perspective. He’s spent time working with other people and, through seeing how they approach it, has learned more about what he’s looking for when he writes. He likes to talk about other people’s situations, rather than his own, as it’s easier to have perspective.

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