Connie Constance

(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
10:15pm Friday

With her new EP ‘Boring Connie’, Connie Constance is setting out to prove that she’s anything but. In the current wave of singer-songwriters emerging from the U.K., the 22-year-old artist stands alone, making indie rock-influenced, off-kilter soul with poetic narratives.

Connie worked with Blue Daisy on crafting her sound, but her unique singing voice was something she worked on alone. As a child, she loved to sing, but realised she was straining to emulate American R&B vocalists and their impressive runs. “I never tried to sing in an indie way, which is kind of weird now,” she reflects. “Eventually, I would just try and sing songs without adding anything. I would try and sing a song without adding any kind of flare, or soul – just in my speaking voice.” It was through this self-imposed practice that she discovered her true voice: raspy, soul-drenched and unmistakably British.

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