(United Kingdom)

Emerging 17-year-old singer Cole LC has come a mighty long way — and he’s pulled it off in a staggeringly short space of time. With music piquing his interest at the young age of 13, his first musical obsessions came from two completely different directions that would end up intersecting in a surprising way. At school, he would spend as much of his free time studying battle rap platform Don’t Flop, finding a hero in fellow Yorkshireman Dialect (“He was one of the only rappers rapping with a Leeds accent so it felt close to home,” he explains). He became a big fan and followed his career closely.

Comparisons to Ed Sheeran have been forthcoming, but he doesn’t let it bother him: “I think people bring up the comparison because of the way he started with SBTV, but if I was doing the melodic rap kind of stuff and I wasn’t white, I don’t think the comparison would be there as much. I don’t mind though; I could be compared to him all day! I take it as a compliment.”

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