(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
11:30pm Thursday

Cktrl has a tune for every occasion: as content making beats by himself at home in Lewisham as he is amongst this generation’s fashion and cultural vanguards. Music has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember: from clarinet lessons throughout his school life to fond memories from his NTS days, to his highly regarded masterpiece Robyn which has led to props from; Vogue, Dazed, and I.D.

Though he uses ancient computing systems – all his production software is housed within a now-vintage Windows XP computer from his secondary school, his sound is far from it. With a catalogue straddling everything from freestyle contemporary-classic duets to electronic R&B to dark, moody instrumentals, his approach to creation is decidedly renaissance. In fact, where sonic descriptions might fail to encompass the breadth of cktrl’s scope, three words surface when he unpacks his musical aims: freedom, range and feeling.

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