(UK (Scotland))

Glasgow and Scotland native, Chloe Boyd, also known as Chlobocop has only been doing music for under a year but her music tells a lifetime worth of stories. Having experienced life’s ups and downs in her early years, Chlobocop’s lyrics tell the story of her past and present, unafraid to approach subjects such as drug use, complicated relationships and the police. At the ripe age of 21 years old, her effortless choice of futuristic trap drums, gothic melodies and her signature smoke screened voice have captured audiences locally and online where her following is rapidly growing by the day and she has become somewhat of a legend on the underground scene in her native Glasgow.

In the ever-changing music industry, Chlobocop is a breath of fresh air, championing her city and other creatives around her and evolving into an artist who is not afraid of testing musical boundaries and going off piste.

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