Casey Lowry

(United Kingdom)

“At the age of 14, Casey wrote his first song, Trampoline. He tells you this almost casually – about a song that, on its release last year, was playlisted at Radio 1, reached No 2 on Spotify’s UK Viral 50 chart and has racked up more than 500,000 streams. When he wrote the song, Casey was in a covers band in his hometown of Chesterfield. Some instinct in him, he says, made him keep Trampoline for himself.

As Casey’s writing developed, and his profile grew, he came to a realisation that, to stand a real chance of making his mark, he needed to move down to London.

Casey Lowry is now a priority developing artist for independent label Access Records, part of First Access Entertainment, a joint venture between Sarah Stennett and Len Blavatnik.”

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