(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
11:30pm Thursday

Back in 2018, a little-known rapper called BXKS appeared on Mixtape Madness. As part of the platform’s Next Up? series, the Luton newcomer spat was remarkable enough to cause a stir in the UK scene –a certain grime MC named Skepta even tweeted her his congratulations. But rather than capitalising off this hype in the first instance, BXKS did something unusual: she took a step back.

And so she spent a year journaling, going to concerts, having fun, working at TFL, studying the music of Skepta and Novelist. This all underpinned BXKS trying to understand who she was as both an artist, but also as a person in her early 20s. The result is her debut mixtape, Full Time Daydreamer –an accomplished, expansive, shiny slice of what she labels “alternative grime”. To understand the tape, you perhaps need to understand BXKS’ journey so far.

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