(Denmark__Faroe Islands)

Where the waves break, where water meets rock and life meets soil, Brimheim finds a peculiar form of freedom – one which births light from darkness. From cyclical rhythms and harmonies akin to cloud fronts, the Danish-Faroese singer, song writer and attentive world-observer forges Scandinavian music so confident in its style that it can spread through your mind like an existential crisis while at the same time carrying a terrific sense of hope. Or is it desire that speaks through pieces likes “Poison Fizzing on a Tongue” and “Exquisite Bliss”? It’s hard to tell. And this is part of the allure of Brimheim’s signature, which shifts between art pop, trip-hop and indie rock. Its content and musicality are subject to interpretation, is free to be filled with the audience’s own dreams and meanings which are sure to reverberate in cinematic fashion long after the last note has fallen silent. Those interested in experiencing this for themselves should make note of their upcoming show with us.

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