Brigitte Laverne



Date / Time
1:15am Thursday

Like almost everything worthwhile, there are things that happen without even realising it and almost without batting an eye: from the shadow of Barcelona’s sun and without making excessive noise, Brigitte Laverne brings us Mediterranean synth-pop with a lo-fi essence.

Behind the name of Brigitte Laverne hides the artist from Barcelona who, back in 2013, turned the synthpop scene upside down when her first songs appeared on Bandcamp and qualified her as one of the promises of electronic music in our country. It only took her three songs to be selected as the only Spanish representative in the edition of Red Bull Music Academy held in Tokyo in 2014.One year later arrived her first homonymous EP (Foehn Records, 2015), recorded at the Red Bull studios in Paris. In 2015 Spotify’s Spotlight she was chosen as one of the revelations to follow and that same year she debuted at Sonar festival in Barcelona.

This year Brigitte Laverne is back to present “Wasted”, her first LP, which was released on March 9th through the music label Club Ruido. A long play co-produced with Sergio Pérez from Svper and recorded at the Red Bull Studios in Amsterdam, turned into seven songs loaded with her already so characteristic and timeless pop of heavy synthesizers and velvety voice. Among the influences for this new work we find those of always, synthetic 80’s pop jewelry, New Order, Chromatics and The Cure are still there, but Alexia looks to the future to deliver her most pop sound to date.

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