Blueprint Blue

(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
9:15pm Thursday

Four years ago, Blueprint Blue had their first band practice in a back room round the corner from a pool hall. Now, with two EPs under their belts, they’re back with new material. Pristine songcraft rubs up against subversive ideas, humour and emotion throughout these new recordings. All four members sing, with harmonies and lush instrumentals slotting snugly side-by-side.

Lead singer Elliot Hayward has two words – ‘yacht’ and ‘rock’ – to describe the shift in sound, from the heat, dust, country and blues of their debut Undertoad EP, to the crisper new material. “We’ve learned how to make poppier music,” he says. “In our attempts to get to Stevie Wonder, The Doobie Brothers or Steely Dan we find ourselves somewhere else. Now, we have songs people could feasibly dance to…”

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