Be Forest.


Along Italy’s Adriatic coast in the sleepy little town of Pesaro saw an upspring of underground audio arts within the past decade. Enter the ethereal artisans Be Forest, comprised of Costanza Delle Rose, Erica Terenzi and Nicola Lampredi of whom would garner international acclaim by working with a creative aesthetic that mixed the maudlin with an earthy tenebrous timber that alluded to unknown worlds of mystery and wonder. Fostering a local scene of contemporaries from Brothers in Law, Altro, Soviet Soviet and more; Be Forest established an influential and organic form of artistry that sought out to transcend all trend waves of chill, dark, retro, synth, vapor, et al. Joining forces with the prestigious Italian American imprint We Were Never Being Boring (aka WWNBB Collective), Be Forest would release their debut album offering Cold in 2011 that introduced the world to the group’s mystical mode of musical bewilderment.

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