(United Kingdom)

Since emerging with the alternative indie smarts of searing debut single ‘Slip!’ in 2021, and vibrant, varied first EP ‘We Speak of Tides’ shortly after, London artist Aziya has been cementing herself as a musical triple-threat. Influenced by the multiple talents of childhood hero Prince, she’s an artist with naturally powerful vocals, but also a deft and enviable mastery of her guitar and an increasingly independent grip on production. Heading into her next phase with a second EP set for release this summer, she’s already carving out an ambitious space for herself where she can create with complete artistic control.

Growing up in a modern household where genre was never seen as a boundary, with System of a Down, Santigold and The Stone Roses played on the same speakers, from a young age Aziya was encouraged to follow her musical inclinations, picking up a guitar aged 10 and starting to pen early attempts at her own material shortly after.

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