(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
11:30pm Thursday

Contemporary virtuoso duo AVAWAVES are rooted in cinematic narratives, evoking emotional journeys of the heart and mind. Comprising of Anna Phoebe and Aisling Brouwer, they released their debut album ‘Waves’ in 2019 followed by ‘Chrysalis’ in 2021.

Never conforming to expectations and yet instantly accessible, the music composed by these two creative visionaries is a sonorous consequence of two opposing forces determined to carve their identities into each other’s lives. To watch them interact on stage is a mesmerising experience, distilling the ebb and flow of their musicianship into an addictive and captivating intensity.

Anna Phoebe is a composer and violinist who has recorded and toured throughout the world with multi-platinum selling bands, as well as collaborations with the European Space Agency, Royal Ballet School and Cancer Research. Aisling Brouwer is a film composer and producer who recently scored Amazon Original ‘Lioness’.

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