(United Kingdom)

Listen to any of APRE’s music – be it Without Your Love’s shimmering, celestial bounce; the liquid grooves and clean lines of All Yours; or the widescreen pop cloudburst that is Don’t You Feel Like Heaven? – and it’s likely your first impression wouldn’t be that all these songs have their roots in the backroom of a West London chess club. But that’s exactly where APRE’s story begins.

Part of what makes APRE so special though, is that there’s more to them than just good songs. Each APRE release is its own self-contained universe where everything matters and nothing is throwaway. From the thematic threads that tie the songs on each EP together to the subtle visual clues in the artwork and videos, right down to the clothes they wear on stage – like with any great band, to listen to APRE is to immerse yourself fully in their world.

The door to APRE’s world is open. All you need to do is walk through it.

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