Áine Cahill

(Ireland {Republic})


Date / Time
8:45pm Thursday

From the moment Áine Cahill made her TV debut to millions in 2016, she was
set for fame. Plucked from a pub stage at Glastonbury to perform live on the
BBC’s festival coverage, before Coldplay’s set on the Sunday night, she
mesmerised viewers who could scarcely believe that she wasn’t already a
star. In fact, the then 21 year old was a naïve newcomer from a village in
County Cavan, being managed by her postman. Oh, and she’d just spent a
week sleeping in a van.

Overnight, Áine’s social media stats exploded. On Spotify alone, 150,000
signed up to hear more of her passionate, powerhouse vocals and self-
written, storytelling songs. She was inundated with offers from excited industry insiders. In Ireland, radio stations added Áine to their playlists.
Within weeks, she had a manager, who has represented everyone from David Bowie and Depeche Mode to the Rolling Stones and the Spice Girls. She signed to a major international booking agency renowned for representing global superstars

“It was like finding myself in a fairy tale,” says Áine. “Since the age of 19, all I’d wanted to do was make music, but I couldn’t see how that would happen.
Suddenly, I could spend my days writing songs and my nights singing them.
For a while, I worried that I would wake up and discover it had been a

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