Electronic and Dance music at TGE 2017

Words by Shannon Cotton

It’s human instinct to move upon hearing music that we like, whether that be a gentle foot tap or a full on dance routine. Mostly rooted in the dance and electronic genres, it’s still a thriving scene with a whole host of new names ready to showcase their limb shaking capabilities this summer at The Great Escape.
The industrial and experimental noise exuded by French musician Jacques is, surprisingly, greatly inspired by Berlin, and quite unlike anything else you’ll hear on this year’s line-up. Low Island replicate the smooth vocal gravitas also possessed by Great Escape alumni Jungle, with deep plodding beats and lolloping synths.
Drones Club have the potential to be the most ethereal band on the line-up. Their galloping beats combined with an otherworldly live show sees their, now quintessential, dancers make their way into the crowd to dance alongside the audience, it’s definitely a unique experience. Hare Squead have been popping up a lot recently, with repetitive club beats easy to get yourself lost in, ‘If I Ask’ is sure to keep the party going in Brighton next month.
The introduction to Hello Moth’s ‘Slave In A Stone’ sounds like it could have been created on a children’s educational toy, but that is all part of it’s charm, with more sonic intricacies to be discovered when you scratch a little further underneath the surface. While contagious electro power pop comes courtesy of Portuguese quartet The Gift with chorus, “Sometimes you gotta get up, sometimes you gotta get down” threatening to be stuck in your head for weeks to come.

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