Zeal & Ardor



Date / Time
12:00am Thursday
10:30pm Friday

«Nothing released this year is as strange, inscrutable or wonderful than Zeal & Ardor’s «Devil Is Fine»»
extols US Rolling Stone , hailing the debut album as «a dream world of infinite possibilities.» The creation
of Swiss-American songwriter/soundscaper Manuel Gagneux, «Devil Is Fine» is an artistic artefact like no
other, a meld of black metal, field recordings, Delta blues, jazz, ring shouts, music box melodies, glitchy
hip-hop beats, soul and gospel, brought together in the service of The One With Horns. It is the most
provocative, challenging, innovative and utterly individual album of the year, a recording which obliterates
genre boundaries and creates a dark, diabolical universe all its own.

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