Ten Fé

(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
1:30am Thursday

“Its no coincidence that the name of this band means ‘have faith’”

With two lead singers and songwriters, each with their own distinct voice and songwriting style – and after the long journey the two have been on together – it is perhaps of little surprise that Ten Fe’s debut album ‘Hit The Light’, due out early 2017, is characterised by its diverseness. Each track on ‘Hit The Light’ stands independently, whilst the overall experience is balanced by the accomplished interplay between style and song. Their mix of Americana with darker, driving electronics, and vocal harmonies make the London band a genuinely exciting prospect. With Ewan Pearson’s (Jagwar Ma, M83, The Rapture) production underscoring the forthcoming LP, and its trademark pulsating electronic grooves, Ten Fé have created an album that is fluid and varied.

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