Monster Florence

(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
2:15pm Thursday
9:15pm Friday

Rappers Alex Osiris, Dream Mclean, Wallace Rice and musicians, Cameron Morrell, Jonny Poole and Tom Donovan form Monster Florence, an innovative and creative collective that have combined their talents to compose a sound that is truly unique and undeniably British.

Their genre could be categorised as a hybrid of hip-hop and punk with an influence of UK grime. They released their debut EP ‘The Groove’ in early 2016, followed by their second EP ‘Bad Gear’ later in the year. The attention that they have received has seen them already support artists such as Gold Panda, Foreign Beggars and KRS-One.

More recently, Foreign Beggars and the band challenged themselves and several other artists and musicians to write, record and produce an EP in just 48 hours to raise money to support the homeless in their hometown of Colchester. The outcome ‘48’, which evokes a summery chilled vibe, with genuine and impactful lyrics that capture the essence of real-life situations.

Looking to the future, Monster Florence seek to take their sound to the next level with the release of their next EP, ‘Foul Part 1’ later this year and playing at Brighton’s The Great Escape Festival in May and the world-renowned Leeds and Reading Festivals in August, 2017.

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