Artist Registration: Application tips from our festival programmer

The Great Escape’s Artist Registration process is open for another year in association with Music Glue and applications are starting to flood in. The team are having a great time perusing your profiles and we’ve already uncovered some great applications. On the flip side, there are also some artists that could use some help so we asked our Festival Programmer Adam Ryan for some insider tips on how to improve your applications, increasing your chances of being selected to join The Great Escape 2017 line up.

Don’t rush your application
Our artist registration is open until 17th February 2017 so there is still plenty of time to get your application into us. Don’t leave registration until the last minute and end up submitting something that doesn’t do your band justice. Take your time building your profile to ensure that it is something that represents your band well. If you need any assistance with building your profile drop Music Glue a line on, they are happy to share handy tips and tricks with you to help you create a really great profile page.

Complete your profile
This sounds really obvious but make sure you have the outlined aspects of your profile completed. These are; artist bio, picture and social page links. Make sure you brand your page and the most important point of all…. upload your tracks to stream from your page. All of these elements help us to get a good understanding of who you are as an artist.

Your tracks
Keep things simple. We don’t need to hear the last 3 albums you self recorded at home and your experiential period which is hard to play live as your harpist works weekends. Only upload a few tracks that best represent you and your current direction. Try and make sure the sound on your included tracks is of a good quality, things don’t have to be high tech but a clear recording is definitely essential.

Artist Bio
Again, keeping things to a minimum is best. Inspirations, influences, previous shows played and upcoming dates are useful information to share. The drummer’s favourite type of food or how the band met aren’t so important. Try to keep it short and concise, or you risk losing your reader.

Press Shots
I personally hate band press shots and from my experience they just get posted up on office walls and ridiculed (not in the TGE office of course). That picture showcasing your mum’s hairdressing skills while you lean against a wall might seem like a good idea but they tend to date quickly. Just a simple, decent quality photo that best represents your band / artist is all that is needed.

We receive a huge number of applications each year so make sure you are using your Music Glue profile application to prove to us why you stand out from the rest. The Great Escape is an international festival which attracts 16,500 festival goers and 3,500 music industry delegates from across the globe every year. Playing TGE is a great opportunity to get yourself in front of new audiences who can help open many other doors for you. Bear this in mind when creating your application as this could be the first step towards a fantastic career for you and your band.

To register your band today head to our Apply To Play page by CLICKING HERE