An interview with IDER: Idyllic and enchanting electronica versus R&B

Enthralling harmonies, fizzing synths and lyrical content deep enough to swim in, Shannon Cotton caught up with duo IDER in North London.

Swirling in innovation and glorious synths, Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville are IDER. They create an inventive sound which has been turning heads, and ears alike, over the past few months. Stunning harmonising vocals laced between delicate and intricate electronic elements form the basis of IDER’s current back catalogue with experimentation in tones and tempos giving each song a powerful identity.

“It was about 18 months ago when Lil’ moved in with me in North London, we started the project writing, recording and working with a couple of local producers so it was an easy and chilled start. We didn’t really have much of a plan but we had a few recordings under our belt so we thought we’d put them out as and when it felt necessary and it’s just gone great,” explains Megan.

Megan and Lily still live together now, making it easy for them to make music when creativity calls. “It’s really easy to write together because we’re always around and we’ll just be jamming some chords and playing some different instruments,” says Lily. “It’s very mutual and there’s no set pattern of how we would write, but then at times Lil’ will bring some lyrics or a melody or vice versa and then we’ll work on it together. It really varies but it’s really collaborative and very in our little world, nothing is structured too much, it doesn’t feel like work in that sense,” elaborates Megan.

The pair are gearing up for the release of their debut EP Gut Me Like An Animal, with its thought-provoking title coming from the final track. “It’s a lyric and it kind of felt appropriate to the themes in the EP,” explains Lily. It’s coming out on London based independent label Aesop, a decision that was easy for Megan and Lily to make. “Adam Royal [Aesop founder] is very driven from what we’ve experienced so far, he’s really selective and has put out some great stuff so it was quite an easy decision to put the EP out with Aesop,” offers Megan.

The EP itself is a raw and honest account from IDER. “It reflects a recent time for both of us and it’s current in terms of the experiences that we’ve had. I’d say it’s got shades, it’s light and dark. We teamed up with an artist called Mikey Womack for our artwork and he’s used a lot of interesting colours and I see that reflected in the music. We’ve really gone in, gone deeper and explored further,” concludes Megan. It also features a track produced by Great Escape Spotlight Show alumni Shura, who according to Lily, “was really fun to work with.” She adds, “she’s got a big creative presence and a big energy creatively.” So is there anyone else IDER would like to work with? “There would be loads. Working with Shura was our first taste of collaborating and it’s definitely opened up the doors, working with other people would be awesome,” says Megan.
Looking ahead to The Great Escape, the duo are excited to experience the event in all its glory this May. “I was at The Great Escape last year but we’ve never played it and we have never properly experienced the festival so it’s going to be great, very interesting.,” enthuses Megan. “We’re playing on the Thursday evening which is a good day, the first day so everyone’s still fresh, we’ll be fresh that’s for sure,” she continues. Apart from themselves, obviously, who else do IDER reckon we should check out on the line-up? “James Hersey and Plaitum,” recommends Lily, who the pair played with last year as part of The Great Escape’s FIRST FIFTY shows.

The festival is part of the band’s game plan for the next year, honing their craft in live environments. “We’ve been working on our live show even more so we’re exciting to get that out and performed, and we’re just writing and recording constantly,” Megan says – and it’s clear to see all of their hard work is paying off with their effervescent ascent looking set to soar even further this summer, and beyond.

IDER play The Great Escape 2017. Tickets are now on sale here

Words by Shannon Cotton