3,500 music industry professionals from all over the world gather in Brighton each May for The Great Escape.

The TGE Convention programme helps these industry delegates learn, network and discover, to identify new talent and business partners to work with, and to explore and understand how to get more out of the business of music.

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At the heart of the TGE Convention programme is the CMU Insights @ The Great Escape conference – which is four conferences in one, reshaping the business of music.

Capitalising on the daily music business reportage of CMU, and the original research and professional development training courses of CMU Insights, this is a music business conference like no other.

Delegates get access to a series of insight presentations, case studies, one-on-one interviews and panel debates, together exploring and explaining the very latest music industry issues and trends.

This year’s four conferences explore royalties, media, export and drugs. Each topic has its own conference: a day of sessions that can be experienced from start-to-finish, or dip in and out to create your own schedule.

Delegates looking to utilise CMU@TGE as a more formal learning programme to further their professional development can sign up to TGE Industry Extra for free, giving them access to pre and post event materials, a pre-event seminar and guidance on how to navigate the programme.

This years CMU Insights conferences are…

The Media Conference
The crisis in music journalism
We explore the challenge of making money out of music media in the digital age. Great music journalism may get the clicks, but can it generate revenue in an era where so much advertising spend goes to social and search? Is the future of music media a combination of branded content, unpaid writers and click-bait headlines? Plus is music radio really ready for its impending collision with the streaming platforms? CLICK HERE for more info

The Drugs Conference
Let’s actually save some lives
Following the battle for Fabric, we ask what clubs, promoters, law enforcement and licensing officials should really be doing to save lives. What practical measures can be taken to ensure the safety of our customers? And what about drug culture within the music community? How can artists embrace the sex, drugs and rock n roll lifestyle without damaging their health and that of those around them? Presented in partnership with Help Musicians UK. CLICK HERE for more info.

The Export Conference
Breaking out beyond Brexit
In an increasingly connected world, is it easier than ever for new artists to go global, or is access to investment and on-the-ground support still key? We provide a user-friendly guide to taking new artists global, learning from past recipients of the Music Export Growth Scheme. Plus how to get the most out of showcase festivals and what, exactly, does Brexit mean for the music industry in the UK and beyond? Presented in partnership with BPI. CLICK HERE for more info

The Royalties Conference
Where’s my fucking money?
We track all the money as it goes from sale, sync and stream to artist and songwriter, via labels, distributors, publishers and collecting societies. How are your music rights really making money and where do all the royalties go? Including global collective licensing explained; the shift to direct licensing in live; and digital’s big transparency problem. CLICK HERE for more info

The TGE Convention’s LEARN programme also includes the Courtroom Conversations, a series of panels, presentations and debates presented by our industry partners taking place in The Old Courtroom at the very centre of the festival. Also new this year, we will be presenting a number of Courtroom Conversations open to TGE festival-goers as well as industry delegates.

For its industry delegates, The Great Escape is a place to do business: to make new contacts, meet new suppliers, find out about new products, and to extend professional networks within the global music community.

To facilitate this process, the TGE Convention programme includes a number of delegate parties hosted by our industry partners. Taking place around central Brighton, these provide convenient opportunities to network while enjoying some food and drink courtesy of each party’s host.

TGE delegates also have access to the online Delegate Directory, which has been enhanced for 2017. Make contact with other delegates before arriving in Brighton, sign-up for networking opportunities and arrange your own meetings at the Delegate Meeting Zone @ Brighton Dme.

For many delegates, The Great Escape is all about discovering the next big thing, acts ready to go global and who are seeking business partners around the world to help make that happen.

To facilitate this delegates also get access to the online Artist Directory, providing valuable contacts for each act playing, and information on what business partners each act is currently seeking. Plus, of course, delegates get priority access to all official festival venues, subject to capacity.

To help navigate the 450 artists playing at TGE a number of daytime showcases take place each afternoon hosted by our industry partners. The hosts of each showcase present acts from the festival line-up that they recommend all delegates should be checking out.